Texas Title insurance premium calculator


Basic Premium


Reissue Rate Discount May Apply

Your title premium may be discounted based upon the age of your previous mortgage.

Estimated premium for prior loan date 0-2 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 2-3 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 3-4 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 4-5 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 5-6 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 6-7 yrs. $
Estimated premium for prior loan date 7+ yrs. No discount

Plus Est. Endorsements

Others may apply, per lender requirements.

T-17 (PUD) $25.00
T-19 (restrictions, encroach, minerals) $
T-30 (prior year / cur. year taxes) $25.00
T-36 (EPA) $25.00
T-42 (home equity required) $
T-42.1 (home equity supplemental) $

Plus Other Fees

Escrow Fee $500.00
Tax Cert (may be lower depending upon county) $75.00
Texas Guaranty Fee $2.00
Estimated Recording Fees $100.00


  • Title premium discounts are based on the recording date and current payoff amount of the previous mortgage.
  • The premium in Texas includes the charges for title examination, closing the transaction and issuance of a policy.
  • Effective Date of Premium Rates: February 1, 2007.
  • Premium quotes are based on the information given at the time the title fee calculator is run. Any changes to the information may result in a change in the premium quote.
  • If Accurate is not closing this loan, prior to closing, you must get an premium update calculated from the loan amount, payoff amount and prior loan date.


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